Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with seated poses held for extended periods of time. This practice works on the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints, and bones through passive postures. Yin is also a profoundly relaxing and meditative practice that will help you find your inner peace and clarity.

Yin is slow-paced, enabling you to move slowly and focus on maybe many different poses while calming the mind and nervous system. This practice is gentle and suitable for all levels, including recovering athletes and seniors.

It is great for increasing and maintaining flexibility, lubricating your joints, challenging yourself to go deeper physically and emotionally, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can connective tissues be strengthened?

It may sound strange, but applying stress to the joints will result in your body strengthening the tissue around them. Unlike working muscles, connective tissue is best strengthened by applying a slow and stable stretch.

In order for the joints and connective tissue around those joints to achieve a stretch, the muscles around them should be relaxed. For this reason, poses that heavily engage the muscles, such as standing poses, are less frequent in Yin Yoga.

Is Yin Yoga for beginners?

Similar to Slow Flow, Yin Yoga allows more time for poses. This is a wonderful opportunity for practitioners just getting started to discover their flexibility, identify points of tension and learn about a range of poses. The knowledge you gain in a class like Yin Yoga will allow you to take on more advanced classes over time.

What areas of the body is Yin Yoga most beneficial for?

Given that Yin Yoga focuses on areas rich in connective tissue, the lower part of the body can benefit greatly from this class. These areas include, but are not limited to the lower spine, the hips, and pelvis.

These areas of the body do a great deal of work to get you through the day — whether you consider yourself an active person or not. In fact, sitting for prolonged periods of time can result in tightening of your hip flexors. Yin Yoga can be a holistic solution or supplement to releasing any tension in these areas.

Why is Yin Yoga good for people living a more sedentary lifestyle?

When you aren’t stretching and flexing your connective tissues, they will actually reduce in size. This shrinking will continue until the connective tissue has reached the minimum that is required by your particular lifestyle. Yin yoga exists to counteract this natural occurrence in our bodies, allowing more flexibility, range, and comfort in our joints.