Pop Up Class!

Pop Up Class!

On Sundays we offer pop up classes that vary from time to time.

Our current pop up is BoHa Yoga Restorative

In BoHa Restorative, standing and seated postures are spent with the support of blocks, blankets, and yoga bolsters to relax body and mind. There are fewer poses throughout the class, and many of them are modified to make them more comfortable and relaxing.

BoHa Restorative focuses on letting go of all tensions and relaxing into the moment. This practice is calming to the mind and nervous system while focusing on the breath and centering energy throughout the body.

If you want to unwind, decompress, feel in a safe space, or if you need a teacher skilled in restoring your particular ailment (bad back, recent surgery, etc.) to normal function, BoHa Restorative is right for you.