Boca Raton’s Yoga and Wellness Studio

We made BoHa for you.

This space is for beginners and advanced practitioners, those looking for traditional and modern approaches to yoga, those who’ve had a bad day and those who’ve had a good one.

We welcome you every day in every way.


Yoga at BoHa

We love yoga and we love to find new ways to explore it.

We honor the classics, while also designing new and unique yoga fitness fusions for you to experience. Whether you’re a traditional yogi or a modern one, our goal is to ensure you have a range of options that help to push your practice physically and mentally.

Wellness at BoHa

We believe that yoga is a practice that can sharpen your mental state as much as your physical.

In addition to our classic and innovative yoga classes, we offer regular workshops that are designed to enhance mindfulness around your day to day — from tapping into the energy of crystals to vision boarding the future you desire.



The BoHa Studio

At BoHa Studio we seek to help you reach a state of flow and delight so that you can leave the studio, and live your life, positively and happily inspired.

Our studio is designed to reflect this intention — light and soothing with modern touches to energize you when you need it. We will help you disconnect from the outside world, so you can indulge in the moment and bring a new energy with you when you return.

Our Studio is Your Studio

Rent the Space

The BoHa Studio is available for:

  • Private Workshops
  • Celebrations
  • Company Events
  • Private Classes
  • and More!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class for a beginner to start with?

Most of our classes work well for all levels and if you ever feel you’re in an advanced class you should always feel comfortable moving at your own pace.

At BoHa you will receive hands-on instruction and adjustments as needed. Modifications are also always offered to make all our classes suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

What's the best class if I have pain, or injury?

We’d recommend starting with Restorative Yoga, which has prolonged periods spent lying on blocks, blankets, and yoga bolster to relax the body and mind. There are fewer poses throughout the class, and many of them are modified to make them more comfortable and relaxing.

We have also added Pop Up Classes, which will bring you new class themes for a period of time. This will allow our clients to try out new practices, such as Chair Yoga, which is great for seniors or people with injuries, pain and little balance.

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If I haven't taken Vinyasa in a while, can I jump in?

In all classes, regardless of level, you should feel free to move at your own pace. If you’re hesitant, consider starting with our Vin to Yin class. This class fuses two disciplines: Yin – a style of long-held, passive and restorative poses performed slowly and gently, and Yasa -where more fluent and energizing sequences are coordinated with the breath.

Can I rent a mat from the studio?

Absolutely, mats come free with our monthly unlimited package. Otherwise, you can rent mats on an as-needed based for $2 per rental.

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